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May 15, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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When a problem arises, politicians will invariably huddle together to define the problem, study the problem, and will schedule numerous meetings in the hopes that the problem will solve itself before they have to act. This can take years if executed properly. This process has been developed after years of political research and has become the standard practice in Congress.After all, if you do nothing you will never be blamed for doing the wrong thing. Since Congress is a perpetual organization, it will never be closed, go out of business, or ever be replaced by a more efficient organization.

In business things are a bit different, and I speak from more than 45 years of experience; everything from production worker to plant manager and contract negotiator. When a problem arises in business, it must be addressed and solved immediately or the company could be at risk of financial ruin. When a manager assigns a task to a subordinate, the manager has the expectation that the task will be completed successfully and in a timely manner. If the subordinate fails the task due to incompetence or a lack of motivation, he will find himself in the unemployment line. That is a fact of life in business, as it should be.

Businesses that are overstaffed tend to be meeting-oriented. They also tend to have a hierarchy which is generally made up of absentee managers who are uninformed and detached from the actual daily operation of the business. They see the big picture but are clueless as to how the picture is assembled. Kind of like Congress.

Trump is a businessman who has taken the time to learn from the bottom up. He knows how many turns of the wrench are required to tighten the bolt. He may seem impatient with certain Cabinet officers because they can’t or won’t perform their assigned tasks. He is not afraid to replace weak links in the chain of command. Again, as it should be. When he asks for information, he wants it yesterday, not when you get around to it, and it better be correct! If you prove disloyal, or spread information that is not meant to be disseminated, you may just as well quit. He is very loyal to his team members, and very protective. This country is now his business, and he will run it with all the fervor with which he ran the Trump organization. And it will be successful.

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