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Morally accountable


February 23, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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I am not condemning all members of the National Rifle Association. I’m sure some are good people. But the administrative top of the organization shrouds themselves in the American flag, the Second Amendment and their political contributions to carry on an un-American assault.

The NRA pays for and controls our government officials to the extent that they cannot even talk about common-sense gun control, even after a horrific incident.

What the NRA lobbies against is what the majority of Americans want: common-sense gun regulations, bump stock regulations, background checks for mentally ill conditions or those on the terrorists watch list, and technology that enhances gun safety.

The NRA does not even want the CDC to conduct any studies on gun violence in America. It all seems kind of un-American with many shades of greed.

In a perfect world they would be held accountable for any and all murders performed with AR-15s and similar assault weapons, and any politician that sides with such an organization would be complicit in the mass murder of children, worshippers, moviegoers, and anyone else whose life has been terminated while living out the American dream. While we might not be able to legally hold them accountable, I sincerely hope we may do so morally.

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