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February 23, 2018 Letters to the Editor

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Needing an attorney recently and not being able to find one willing to help, has opened my eyes to their numerous commercials full of propaganda.

“Injured, call us; medical negligence, call us; we handle all kind of medical cases, we’ve got your back, call us; if you have a case that we can make millions from, call us. But if not, please don’t call us.”

Having many conversations with attorneys these past few months regarding a second major surgery for a cancer patient, due to a doctor’s negligence, have left me angry and disgusted.

Hearing the repeated verbiage of, “you have a case, but we will not recoup enough to make it feasible to proceed,” totally blows my mind.

Without reading radiology reports or looking at medical records, how do you know what you will recuperate?

I am astounded that there are no consequences for the doctor’s negligence, but yet the patient is responsible for the additional thousands of dollars in medical expenses. How are they expected to pay for these exorbitant expenses along with living expenses when, but for the negligence of the doctor, they have not been able to work for months

Will the compassion for another human being ever negate the need for financial gain?

Yes, the attorneys deserve compensation for their services. But a patient deserves a “medical standard of care.” Regardless of the amount of recuperation, there needs to be accountability when that care is blatantly disregarded.

When a specialist telling you that you’ll need another eight-hour surgery because “I didn’t look” becomes standard care, God help us all.

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