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Anti-drug team grateful

February 22, 2018 Letters to the Editor

Butler County Against Heroin, sponsor of the Stand Tall drug and alcohol prevention program, is pleased to announce the receipt of $4,000 from the John Baglier Memorial Fishing Tournament and Butler BassCasters. Their support has enabled this program to continue at no cost to students in four Butler County schools. We currently have close to 900 students enrolled.

Also, thanks to Kenmac Rental for providing equipment recently at no cost and to the estate of our dear friend Dave Tack for a donation.

BCAH Inc. has been in existence since 2002. The Stand Tall program started in 2006. Dave Tack and Dr. Ed Fink were very instrumental in this becoming a reality in our schools. It is impossible to guess how many students were impacted or lives saved by this program over the years. I want to thank our board members, teachers and school administration for their support. Without them, this program would not exist.

At one time, we had almost 3,000 students and more schools involved. It is difficult to understand the lack of support for prevention in our community. Last year, we were not allowed to be part of the Fall Festival.

We now have to face reality. The devastation of drug use continues, too many lives lost, the impact on families and society, and also the lack of progress in solving this hideous problem. We need to work harder and smarter and do more to save future generations. Taking away consequences only created more consequences. You cannot solve a problem by only treating the symptoms; 99.9 percent of our money and time goes to treatment. Thankfully, some of this is working.

If we are going to make a difference with our youth, prevention has to take precedence. Maybe someday prevention will be as important as football. We need board members and support from people who want to make a difference. They must have an extreme passion to save the lives of our youth. Come and join with us.