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Turzai rallies supporters in Butler

December 15, 2017 News Extra

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State Rep. Mike Turzai, R-28th, rallied supporters of his campaign for the governor's office during a meet-and-greet Friday morning in Butler.

Turzai, the House speaker, was introduced by state Rep. Brian Ellis, R-11th, who voiced his support along with Rep. Jim Marhsall, R-14th, and Sen. Scott Hutchinson, R-21st, during the gathering over breakfast at Mac's Cafe.

Butler County Republican Party officials and other supporters also attended.

“We are at the start of a very interesting race for governor. We have to put the best team on the field against Gov. (Tom) Wolf,” Ellis said.

He said Turzai has helped fight against new taxes that Wolf has proposed during his administration.

“We're tired of being on defense. We want to be on offense. We want to make sure everybody has the opportunity for a family sustaining job,” Turzai said.

Republican support for creating jobs is what has led to the party holding a 121-82 majority in the House, he said.

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