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UPDATE: 'Something other than a robbery'

December 14, 2017 News Extra

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BUTLER TWP — Police say a reported attempted strong-armed robbery this morning at Point Plaza was an apparent lie.

A 30-year-old woman claimed shortly before 9 a.m. that two males — one white and one black — tried to grab her purse from her while she was in a minivan.

The supposed incident that happened in back of the Sweeper City store touched off a search for the unknown males and a be-on-the-lookout advisory for other police departments.

But it apparently didn't take long for police to grow leery of the woman's report.

“As the investigation progressed,” according to a police report, “numerous inconsistencies in her statement (led) investigators to believe the incident was something other than a robbery.”

Authorities said the case has now shifted to a false report investigation and they are no longer looking for any other suspects.

Police released no other information and they did not immediately identify the woman.

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