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Wahhabism isn’t Islam


December 13, 2017 Letters to the Editor

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About 30 years ago, the extremist ideology of Wahhabism (al Qaeda) was exported to Pakistan and Afghanistan from Saudi Arabia in an effort to curb the expansion of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and extinguish the philosophy of Communism forever.

All said and done, the Soviets retreated and the United States and its allies declared victory, but, ever since, Afghanistan and Pakistan have fought a perpetual war against extremism. We all know how well this has played out.

Just last week near Washington, groups of Sunni clerics gathered in northern Virginia and called for followers to engage in a violent (un) holy war against infidels. This has no place in Islam.

Despite stringent immigration policies, our borders remain dangerously porous to promoters of terrorism.

As an Ahmadi Muslim and a concerned citizen, I call on government agencies to monitor these extremists and keep them away from our shores. This has no place in America.

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