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James H. Gray

December 5, 2017 In Memoriams

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James H. Gray

In loving memory of our husband, dad, and papa James H. Gray

November 28, 1929 – December 5, 2006

Could this be 11 years without you in our lives?

Since we have felt your hugs and heard your voice?

Some days it seems much longer, other times the grief feels new.

Our lives move forward, even though we thought it wasn’t possible.

We go on celebrating holidays, births, weddings and graduations.

It seems the we miss you most during these happy times – you should be there!

Because it was you that enjoyed the fun times, being together, sharing laughter, basking in the warmth of family more than any other.

Adding new family members who never knew you is heartbreaking.

The memories we share with them are rich and wonderful but all come up short because words could never fully embody your presence.

We continue to keep your love and spirit alive by trying to be our best selves.

We find you with us when We act just like Pops.

When we care more deeply for the plight of others and take the time to listen.

When we enjoy life’s quiet moments for all their beauty and possibility.

When we are content, at peace and happy just to spend some time swinging on the back porch, sipping a cup of tea while listening to the bluebirds sing on a cool morning with the dew still heavy on the grass.

We continue to pass on your stories to all who will listen.

Some who never met you raise a glass in far-away places to join in traditions that began with you.

We realize now that you are always with us in our lives and in our hearts forever.

Your loving Family, The J. H. Gray Crew

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