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A wasted call


December 5, 2017 Letters to the Editor

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We found out firsthand what many neighbors and friends who live in Cranberry Township are so frustrated about. Hearing many stories from residents who called the Cranberry Police Department for help when there is an obvious violation of a law or a township ordinance, only to be told the police won’t do anything about it.

In my case, it was an obvious trespassing issue by two poachers who walked between two signs that were 20 feet apart. I presented photos from trail cams showing them in my woods, front yard and on the driveway. There was also a gut pile from a deer 75 yards behind the house.

One picture shows both poachers carrying rifles, which is a violation in Cranberry Township.It’s stated right on the township website: “Shotguns may be used in the Township unless the property owner has posted his or her land off limits. You may hunt with a rifle if you carry written permission from the property owner with you.”

When laws like this are ignored by the Cranberry Township Police Department — whose members took an oath to uphold all laws, not just the ones they have time for — it leaves the victim with no other choice but to take matters into their own hands.

That could escalate into a physical confrontation where the victim is now in violation of the law. But will the Cranberry police even care?

I have learned my lesson and now will patrol and use all means necessary to remove any trespasser, since it’s a waste of time to call Cranberry Township Police.

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