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Benefit the rich


December 2, 2017 Letters to the Editor

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It looks like the Tax Act going through Congress will pass both Houses and will be signed by President Donald Trump. It also appears that all 52 Republican senators will vote for the act.

What they will vote for is a travesty. The party of fiscal responsibility will gladly add $1.5 trillion to the debt. The party of personal responsibility and hard work will increase taxes on working people, and give big tax breaks to folks who have never worked and who live off of mostly inherited wealth. Folks like Donald Trump, Donald Jr. and Ivanka.

Why vote for this travesty? The answer is simple. The people who will benefit the most own the Republican Party. They finance the party’s candidates and the party’s administrative structure. They own the Republican Party and have done so for more than a few generations.

Don’t listen to what Republican politicians say. Focus on what they do. And what they do on any issue — taxes, labor policy, transportation, communications, military policy — benefits the super rich.

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