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Drugs take vast toll


November 24, 2017 Letters to the Editor

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The number of overdoses Butler County has seen is absurd. In August, emergency officials responded to six apparent overdoses in a span of nine hours in Butler County, according to news reports. One of those calls was to revive a woman who had overdosed not even 24 hours prior, while her child was present.

First responders are running from one overdose call to the next. They are spending a large amount of time reviving drug users, which thereby lessens their time tending to those who are also in immediate need of medical attention.

As a registered nurse, I see the effects of this epidemic on a daily basis. I believe that the school systems need to implement drug awareness programs like D.A.R.E (drugs abuse resistance education) and that the community needs to have a greater focus on this epidemic. This could be achieved by establishing educational programs at the local YMCA, library and hospital. It is the hope that by increasing awareness of the drug epidemic, educating the public and children about the risks, effects, signs and symptoms of drug use, more lives will be saved, and Butler County will be a healthier place to live.

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