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Marriage Licenses

October 14, 2017 Marriage Licenses

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The following marriage licenses were issued in Butler County courts:

Collin Randall and Heather Bennett, both of Chicago

Daniel McMahan of Portersville and Andrea Murphy Geibel of Butler Township

Eugene Vezzani Jr. of McCandless Township, Allegheny County, and Veronica Dorsch of Lancaster Township

Chad Cammisa and Whitney Crocker, both of Center Township

Jonathan Anthony and Michele Snyder, both of Franklin Township

Matthew Fritts and Aidan Timmerman, both of Connoquenessing Township

Steven Sena and Laura Sharp, both of Gaston, Ore.

Christopher Heitzer of Clinton Township and Vanessa Southworth of Penn Township

Ian Ziegler and Erin Pilat, both of McCandless Township, Allegheny County

John Kuss and Kaitlin Tobac, both of Hampton Township, Allegheny County

Thomas Savage III and Christie Rife, both of Cherry Township

Scott Vogel and Edita Domanska, both of Cranberry Township

Johnathan Jenkins and Bethany Majewski, both of Butler Township

Emilio Veneziano and Francesca Ionadi, both of Cranberry Township

Edward Murray III and Alyssa Schneider, both of Buffalo Township

Nathan Olczak and Mary Rykaceski, both of Clinton Township

Nicholas Glasser and Krystal Certich, both of Butler

Timothy End of Franklin Park and Patricia Schmidt of Connoquenessing Township

Tyler Rossman and Jennifer Kuli, both of West Deer Township, Allegheny County

Joshua Howland and Kenzie Timblin, both of Washington Township

Kurtis Emigh and Amanda Schepis Osselborn, both of Buffalo Township

Andrew Longcaric and Alisha Leamer, both of Middlesex Township

Michael McGahan and Trenton Shaffer, both of Middlesex Township

Zachary Speer and Brittany Foertsch, both of Winfield Township

Zachary Kresak and Rachelle Tritinger, both of Pine Township, Allegheny County

Gabriel Sauer and Sarah Wilds, both of Lancaster Township

Nickolas Byers and Carolyn Hoffman, both of Cranberry Township

Lathan Gross and Danielle Destefano, both of Arnold

Vance Williams and Mary Hutchison Dean, both of Connoquenessing Township

Kevin Karch and Jasmine Alwine, both of Butler

Marcus Ricard of Evans City and Chantae Coretsky of Butler Township

Daryl Phipps and Joni Shreffler, both of Slippery Rock Township

Francis Huncheck III of Cranberry Township and Kathleen Westerman of Evans City

Charles Rambaldo and Whitney White, both of Lawrence Park Township, Erie County

Kevin Weigle of Adams Township and Samantha Strawn of Middlesex Township

Austin McCandless of Slippery Rock and Amber Thompson of Brady Township

Naomi Randolph of Center Township and Joann Meyer Williams of Pittsburgh

Evan Charlesworth and Gianna Hooks, both of Forward Township

Nicholas Gregg and Brooke Swindell, both of Bridgeville

Benjamin Keasey of San Diego and Tabitha Laine of Millvale

Ryan Bowser and Sarah Carbin, both of Richland Township, Allegheny County

Cody Weleski of Winfield Township and Sara Scaff of Adams Township

David Evans and Nioka Glenn Shaffer, both of Butler

Andrew Anselmi and Barbara Petkovich Zavidny, both of Cranberry Township

Dane Jones and Samantha Starr, both of Harrison Township, Allegheny County

Evan Crawford and Allison Birckbichler, both of Bradys Bend Township, Armstrong County

James Brewer and Chelsea Glaser, both of Center Township

Kelly Elluinger and Derek Hathazy, both of Jackson Township

Mindie Menix and Rachel Young, both of Butler

Kevin Flaherty of Jefferson Township and Renee Crimbchin of Winfield Township

Charles Lair Jr. of Harmony Township, Chautauqua County, N.Y., and Wilda Serafine Chutz of Scrubgrass Township, Venango County

Dylan Thomas and Lauren Snyder, both of Butler Township

Eric Johnson and Shaina Skursky, both of Butler

Eric Davis and Taylor Mattern, both of Buffalo Township

Charles Byerly and Wandy Figueroa, both of Oakland Township

Chad Larkin of Cranberry Township and Elisa Dawson of Middlesex Township.

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