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Metcalfe resists HB39


June 7, 2017 Letters to the Editor

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Recently 23 protesters were arrested while staging a non-violent sit-in at Congressman Daryl Metcalfe’s office in Harrisburg. The protesters had requested to meet with legislators about getting House Bill 39 on the floor for a vote. 230 legislators met with the protesters about the bill, with the exception of Butler County’s Rep. Metcalfe, who refused to meet with them despite their numerous requests.

House Bill 39 bans gifts to state lawmakers, thus making bribing of politicians illegal. Pennsylvania is only one of 10 states that does not require politicians to report gifts given to them by lobbyists and corporations, and according to the Harvard Electoral Integrity Project, Pennsylvania is the fifth worst state in the country for electoral integrity.

The logical question seems to be: why doesn’t Metcalfe want this bill put up for a vote?

In the May 24 Butler Eagle “Sit-in held at Metcalfe office” (Page 2), Metcalfe stated he has “other legislation that has a higher priority” and that HB39 moves “further on the back burners now because of the disrespectful and uncivil way that people showed up advocating for it.”

Metcalfe, a 10 term career politician, owes the citizens of Pennsylvania an explanation why he does not want a house vote that prohibits bribery of elected officials.

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