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Bicyclist a hazard


March 21, 2015 Letters to the Editor

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As a school bus driver for the Seneca Valley School District for 20 years, I want to bring to the public’s attention a major safety concern — a bicyclist who rides on major roads during rush hour.

This bicyclist creates a major safety issue by sometimes riding in the middle of the right lane of southbound Route 19 even during the busiest time of the day.

There can be as many as 20 buses traveling this roadway, in addition to the normal traffic, on weekday afternoons. Even though I have expressed my concerns to this person over the past two years, he continues to ride his bicycle on Route 19 and any road he chooses.

Certainly he has a right to ride his bike on the public roads, but he should stay as close as possible to the right-side edge of the road to give vehicles maximum space for passing.

Several school bus drivers, including myself, have had to follow this bicyclist on Rochester Road as well as on Route 19. When passing him, the law requires we give the bicyclist four feet of clearance, but this puts our bus well into the opposite lane of traffic.

This issue has been brought to the attention of the Cranberry Township Police and the director of transportation at Seneca Valley. I just hope something will be done before there is a terrible accident.

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