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County taxpayers hurt


August 2, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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The Butler County Commissioners continue to burden the taxpayer. I thought that when the Sunnyview Rehabilitation and Nursing Home was sold we would see some savings. But the commissioners have taken the money from the sale of Sunnyview to fund a new county building.

Millions of taxpayer dollars kept Sunnyview afloat for years. Money from the Sunnyview sale should have been given back to the taxpayers in the form of tax reduction.

In 2013, a 1-mill tax increase was imposed to cover losses at Sunnyview. Now, Sunnyview has been sold —but we still have that 1 mill tax increase.

The Act 13 natural gas impact fees can and should be used for tax reduction. This year, Act 13 funds will be used to repair Alameda pool, something that is used only three months a year. The pool is run like a business, just as Sunnyview was, with charges for services. Shouldn’t admission fee income pay for pool maintenance and repairs?

Act 13 funds also will be used to repair a bridge. Our gas and diesel fuel prices went up this year because of legislation to increase funding for road and bridge repair. Why use Act 13 money for this bridge?

County Controller Ben Holland said that if our tax base had not grown, the only way to increase income would have been to raise taxes again this year. Why not cut back on spending, trim personnel and reduce the size of county government?

Our county commissioners raise taxes without concern for the taxpayers’ ability to pay them.

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