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Twp. gets her goats


July 23, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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I am a little confused about how townships come up with ordinances and how they enforce them. You would think an ordinance applies to everyone in the township, but apparently that’s not so.

Recently I had a hearing at the Summit Township building over a zoning ordinance. I lost the hearing, so I have to get rid of my five pet fainting goats, which are considered farm animals.

I have had these pets for four years. They are like my children. And what’s most upsetting is I’d gotten approval from the township before I got them — I was told I was allowed to have them.

The question was brought up as to how the township intended to enforce this ordinance for everyone in the township, or was it just one person who was going to be punished. I was told anyone could keep their pets unless a neighbor filed a complaint against them. So, just because my neighbor thinks he owns the township, I’m the only one who gets punished?

If I must abide by this ordinance, shouldn’t everyone else? I asked this question and was told, “Do you want everyone else to go through the pain you’re going through?” My reply was no, I wouldn’t want anyone to have to go through this.

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t cry knowing my pet goats are going to be leaving. But if a township comes up with an ordinance, shouldn’t it apply to everyone who lives in the township?

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