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Don’t tax or spend


July 23, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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During and after the Republican primary, many letters appeared in the Butler Eagle. A big concern was that state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe just wasn’t bringing home the pork.

Now, time to balance the budget in Harrisburg and there seems to be a large gap. Conventional wisdom says we have to raise taxes, not that we need to spend less. The cry has begun for more school funding.

Has any credible reporter taken the iniative to research how much is spent per child in Pennsylvania? Maybe we need vouchers and competition in education, school choice instead of one-size-fits-all classrooms with little accountability. We could then graduate citizens who understand that pork is nothing more than overtaxation of the working citizen.

Goverment taxes more than it is alloted, and that money leaves the private sector with bureaucrats deciding where the pork goes. Sounds like redistribution of wealth.

Myself, I’d rather keep more right here in District 12 and spread our earned income on things of my choosing. I guess the low-informed population fails to realize the goverment produces nothing; its money comes only from the taxpayer.

I guess we the people can’t be trusted with our own earnings.

Not only will Metcalfe not be bringing home the pork (which doesn’t exist) but he will not be voting to create it.

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