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Apology rings hollow


July 21, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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Thursday’s eye-opening page-one report, “Ex-teacher guilty of corruption of minors” brought back recollections of other past sexual offenders who have visited our community.

It was especially noted that Jonathan Crum wished to apologize to his victims, their families and I suppose the classmates and friends of this one courageous victim who brought his guilt to the attention of some authority, where they accused her of causing harm to his reputation.

His words should be ignored, because they are just that: words.

Crum is as any other sexual predator feeling justified and possibly irresistible to his intended victims. He should never be allowed to come in contact with any children, and I worry for his wife and stepchildren.

Assistant District Attorney Christine Studeny told the judge that the other victims asked simply for closure. That makes sense because of the nature of the abuse. It also is a trump card for the offender, as they each know their victims suffer embarrassment and fear of what others may perceive their behavior to have been if his abuse becomes known.

Let’s face it: Crum is a nice guy, football coach, a man’s man, so to speak, and after all it was only touching, sexually explicit picture exchanges and oral sex with teenage girls; how can any society question this honorable teacher, and stepfather of two? He is just a man.

How accurate can the assessment be by the state sexual offender board that found Crum not to be a sexually violent predator? He apparently prowled school grounds during class and after-school activities. That scenario is like his own little playground.

Then too, Judge Shaffer’s extremely lenient sentencing deserves questioning. A sexually predatory teacher does 90 to 180 days along with other menial sanctions, while a petty thief will most likely do more time.

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