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Tongue-in-cheek fixes

Some random thoughts and suggestions concerning national and international topics. My suggestions are of course tongue in cheek and won’t happen, but they should.
• That piece of human flotsam Ross Harris left his 22-month-old son in a hot car for seven hours. The little boy died an excruciating death. The inside car temperature exceeed 130 degrees. Justice would be that Harris be found guilty of premeditated murder and he is sentenced to confinement in a hot car for seven hours — the same death he gave his son.
• The people of Israel again are having to deal with rockets fired into their country by the radical Palestinian group Hamas. Solution: Since our federal government owns 81 percent of the land in Nevada, resettle the entire population of Israel in Nevada. Give them Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s house for their national headquarters. As for Reid, give him a tent and put him in a remote spot in the Nevada desert — where he belongs.
• Bring our troops home from Afghanistan and along with the national guards of our border states invade Mexico and take over its oil fields. Consider it payment for all the benefits we have given the Mexican people over the years.
• Impeach President Obama for high crimes, misdemeanors, unbelievable cluelessness and total lack of common sense. Thousands and thousands of Central American children are coming across our border, and where is Obama? He is playing pool and attending a Democratic fundraiser 500 miles away. Unbelievable.

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