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Romito, 15, bags rare Triple Crown

June 25, 2014 Hunting

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Hunter Romito, 15, of West Sunbury bagged hunting's triple crown recently, getting a 90-pound bear, an 8-point buck and a 20-pound turkey. He bagged the bear and buck in November and December, the turkey in April.

WEST SUNBURY — Bagging a buck, doe, turkey and bear within a seven-month period hardly happens to anybody.

It happened to Hunter Romito, 15, of West Sunbury recently.

And he has an idea why.

Romito has been hunting since he was eight years old. His father, Philip, had been a hunter for 35 years and introduced his son to the sport through the mentoring program.

“He loves being outdoors. He always has,” Hunter's father, Philip Romito said. “Hunting's kind of inside him. His cousins all hunt ... It's an extended family thing on his mother's side.”

Hunter's run of success began Oct. 25 of last year when he bagged a doe in Clay Township. He bagged a 90-pound bear Nov. 25 in Clay Township, an 8-point buck Dec. 8 in Boyers and a 20-pound gobbler April 26 of this year in Clay Township.

Hunter's best friend, neighbor Devin Kirk, died of a severe asthma attack June 18 of last year — a little more than seven months before his 18th birthday.

“We always went fishing together. We had always talked about and looked forward to the first time he could take me out hunting,” Hunter said. “He wasn't allowed to take me until he turned 18.”

Hunter's mother, Robin Romito, said “they used to go in the woods and scout them out together. Those two were always together.”

In a sense, they still are.

Hunter believes Kirk has something to do with his recent run of hunting success.

“I've been hunting turkey every year since I was 8 and never got one before,” he said. “My uncle hunted bear for 30 years and finally got one.

“I got a bear during the first year I ever hunted for one ... I don't have an explanation for it. There has to be a reason. Devin's had a hand in it somehow.”

Hunter bagged his bear on only the second day of the season.

It's like he's an angel perched on his shoulder. We believe that, anyway,” Mrs. Romito said.

Whether his late friend is a factor or not, Hunter has a knack for the hunting game.

“It's extremely rare for anyone to do this. You just don't see it happen ....especially to a 15-year-old,” Hunter's father said. “Hunter just has that luck about him.

“I've taken him trout fishing. He'll catch his limit while no one around him will even catch a fish.”

Hunter has bagged an 11-point buck before. He doesn't plan to give up hunting anytime soon.

“I just love doing it,” he said.

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