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Principles have a price


June 21, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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By now you have read that your school taxes are going up if you live in the Seneca Valley School District.

When property owners get their school taxes and write out their checks with an average increase of $88 per household, they should be reminded it was state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe’s “principles” that took a bite out of their wallets, purses and limited-income bank accounts.

Metcalfe’s typical election year smokescreen of “principles” diverts people’s attention away from the fact he does not get along with anyone in Harrisburg and cannot bring home any type of assistance to senior homeowners, the school districts, the local government that is responsible for roads or bridges, traffic lights, or other traffic improvements. He would rather rant and exhibit his incomprehension of reality than serve his constituents. He would rather knock off Republicans from the primary ballot, have his cronies threaten or promise retaliation to the wife of his Republican rival or rant about evil unions, the civil rights of gays (discrimination defeated on a federal and state level), election fraud (zero cases), or immigration (a federal issue). When you have no accomplishments to talk about, blow smoke.

Please take the time to write to the local newspaper thanking Metcalfe for his inability to do anything but stand by his principles since it is directly because of his inability to accomplish anything that your checkbook balance will be lower this year.

Of course, you could hold your nose again this November, stop pressing that vote party button, and vote him out of office. Fifteen years of no accomplishments is principle we can do without.

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