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Complaints, spray paint get road patched

June 9, 2014 News Extra

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JACKSON TWP — After complaints from residents on Perry Way, a township public works crew this morning patched the pothole-laden road.

The southern segment of Perry Way, which is between Tollgate Road and Shaffer Drive, was so full of potholes that some residents had complained to the township.

Over the weekend someone went up and down the road with spray paint and circled all the potholes and painted words such as “bad” and “fix.”

Roads master Gary Cousins said today that the road was scheduled to be paved June 1, but the paving company had delayed the work due to bad weather.

After getting complaints, a township crew went out this morning to patch the road until it is paved, which is expected later this month.

Cousins said he didn't know about the paint until the crew was on the road.

Don Mars, who lives on Perry Way, said he may have kicked off the spray painting on Saturday when he painted two orange circles around the potholes at the foot of his driveway. By Sunday morning someone else had used white, orange and pink paint to mark nearly all the potholes, he said.

“Somebody must've seen the two circles I put on there and thought 'that's a hell of an idea,'” Mars said.

Mars said he painted the circles as a way to get the township's attention, but also to try and alert other motorists of the possible road hazard.

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