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Two words of devotion


April 28, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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In light of our City Council’s recent struggle over the correctness of displaying “In God We Trust” in its chambers, it saddens me to hear of yet another group suing because it feels neglected and/or offended.

In New Jesey, an atheist-humanist group is suing a school district because the Pledge of Allegiance recited daily includes the phrase “under God.” Eighty-six percent of Americans believe in some monotheistic deity. Since the beginning of time, there has been a close relationship between loyalty to country and one’s faith in God. No one is forcing the agnostics to recite the pledge, but to make this into a political spectacle is self-serving and counterproductive. When a school lunch includes meat because the USDA believes meat, a form of protein, is necessary to a child’s nutrition, and I’m a vegetarian, do I sue the school or the USDA? Should I be offended? Please.

My father, a former Marine, and his father and brother all served our great nation. I was raised under their code of “unit, corps, God, country,” always respecting others before thyself. Are we going to use frivilous lawsuits to change that as well?

I do not judge you because of your beliefs. The existence of a divine protector is my belief.

In 1954, they felt it necessary to add “under God” to our pledge. Do I think it was a tyrannical attempt to control the American people? For heaven’s sake, no. Our founding fathers believed in religious heritage and to acknowledge that in a pledge of allegiance is not unconstitutional, nor an infringement on one’s rights; rather it’s an expression of devotion.

I don’t mean to offend anyone. I just feel this kind of propaganda weakens our nation and diminishes the efforts of many, to put all of us before themselves to make sure we have that right to choose.

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