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Don’t drill near school


April 19, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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As residents and taxpayers of Adams Township, we feel the board of supervisors has an obligation to protect our community and children. We strongly support any legislation that would enact a two-mile safety zone around Mars schools from unconventional gas drilling.

Upon researching the impact of gas drilling in other areas, we have concluded there are too many unanswered questions relating to the environmental effects and safety as it relates to our children and those who reside within proximity of drilling pads.

I have yet to hear gas drilling companies or advocates provide any rationale relative to the benefits of compromising the health and safety of children, including an effective evacuation plan in the event of an emergency.

At Monday’s supervisors meeting, a spokeswoman for the drilling company conveyed legal consequences could occur if the board approves and implements a non-drilling school safety zone. We hope our elected officials will not be bullied or influenced by selfish activists whose only concern is their monetary gain.

Supporters of Marcellus shale drilling fail to realize that aside from safety concerns and environmental effects, the impact on property values and excessive truck traffic on already heavily traveled roads will result in added safety concerns and costly repairs that will place a financial burden on the township and residents of our community. Drilling companies are here today, gone tomorrow but the probable negative effects could last for years.

We moved to Adams Township eight years ago to retire, enjoy the country life and live close to our children and grandchildren who live in Middlesex close to the Geyer property. Two of our grandchildren attend Mars schools.

We implore the board of supervisors to do the right thing by implementing and upholding zoning ordinances that protect the health and safety of our residents and children.

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