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Not on school grounds

Regarding the March 30 article “Sports center mulled.”
I haven’t heard anything about Matt Clement’s proposed inflatable sports dome since this article was published stating he wants to locate it on Butler School District property.
I am greatly opposed to it in general, and specifically on school district property.
Something that has yet to come up in the discussion is the issue of zoning. I believe that a facility like this, which generates noise and light pollution, increased traffic, and is generally unsightly, should be built only in commercial or industrial zoned areas. Neither of the locations Clement is considering meets this criteria. According to the Butler Township website, both the original Highfield Park location and the Intermediate High School are zoned R-1, single family residential. The Senior High School is zoned R-2, multifamily residential. Not to mention the issues that could potentially arise from the construction and maintenance of a facility owned by a private party on public, school district land. If Clement feels the need to pursue this thing at all, I would like to recommend some alternative locations, which are zoned either C-2 convenience commercial, C-1 general commercial, or M manufacturing that are still within either Butler Township or Butler city:
30-pus acres in the Community Development Corp. business park off Hansen Avenue, zoned M.
15 acres on New Castle Road beside the state police barracks, zoned C-2.
6 acres at the corner of Route 68 and Meridian Road, zoned C-1.
Of these three options, the Hansen Avenue location is the best. It is surrounded by other commercial and industrial development and would attract revenue and activity to the city.
I am vehemently opposed to Clement’s plan to locate on school property, and I hope the school board votes accordingly.

Sam Hoszwa
Butler Township
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