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Lead found in some water at Butler VA facility

BUTLER TWP — VA Butler Healthcare said this morning that 11 of its 43 water fixtures have showed elevated levels of lead above the limits of the U.S. Environmental Protection Administration.
Those fixtures were in low use areas and non-patient care areas. All fixtures were taken out of service for maintenance, according to a VA news release.
Following a third party environmental consultant recommendation, the 11 fixtures were flushed with running water for two minutes and retested. Results showed four fixtures above the EPA level, two at the EPA level, and five needed further flushing. The five needing additional flushing were flushed for 10 minutes and retested and the results are pending.
The testing was done Wednesday.
Affected fixtures will remain out of service until levels are below the EPA level and will be evaluated for decommissioning due to low use.
There have been no problems for patient care or normal operations.

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