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Turn away from drugs


March 18, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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Shame, shame on the suspects arrested in the drug bust here in Butler (“Drug sweep targets 25 suspects,” March 5, page 1).

Most of you call the Butler area your home. Some of you have children and all of you have some sort of family in the area.

You are contributing to the problem and contamination of the very place you call home. Your children will grow up here and the drug network you have helped to secure a stranglehold on the city may someday claim your children as victims.

Do you have younger brothers and sisters who look up to you and will someday be lured into the trap of “easy money” selling drugs? Some of you have lost loved ones to death and prison because of addictions. You are facing jail now because of your greed.

You are street-level drug dealers but you have welcomed and allowed out-of-towners to invade and take over our town. You have contributed to the death and destruction of our young people. I suspect most of you are drug addicted yourselves and know the grip and misery it causes in your lives.

Have the determination, strength and courage to get yourselves clean and sober. Then you can be a part of the solution and not the problem.

If you stop being a go-to between them and the strangers from out of town, you cause a disruption in the flow of these drugs. We are in a huge war, but wars are won by battles won. We as a community can battle this threat.

By God’s co-incidence, Butler and other cities across the nation are participating in seeking God for help in our cities. The first day of this 40 days of prayer began on this Ash Wednesday (March 5) and continues until Palm Sunday, April 13. Churches and individuals are following the booklet “Seek God for the City 2014.” There is daily reading and prayer. Those who don’t have the booklet can access information at www.facebook.com/seekgodforbutler2014.

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