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Vogel Disposal fined $1.2M by state DEP

March 15, 2014 News Extra

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HARRISBURG — The state Department of Environmental Protection has levied more than $1.2 million in fines against Seneca Landfill and Vogel Disposal Services both subsidiaries of Vogel Holding of Mars.

The fines were announced Friday.

The fines against Seneca Landfill total $634,375 and are for operational violations stemming as far back as 2011. The violations include exceeding daily maximum capacity, failure to implement odor control plans, mismanagement of leachate and failure to maintain equipment, according to a DEP news release.

Seneca Landfill also incurred violations for improper storage of unapproved waste. The company operates a permitted waste landfill in Lancaster and Jackson townships.

Vogel Disposal, a waste transportation company, was fined $645,644 for hauling more than 500 containers of unapproved oil and gas residual waste to Seneca’s landfill, as well as numerous waste transportation violations discovered during waste hauler inspections between 2011 and 2013.

These violations included hauling waste in vehicles that were without safety equipment, contingency plans or proper signs; not leak proof or maintained to ensure no leakage occurred; and were not properly covered.

In addition, Vogel Disposal conducted an unpermitted waste transfer operation at its business in Adams Township, the release stated.

Vogel did not return a call Friday asking for comment on the fines.

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