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‘Kids’ taking over VFD

Regarding the letter by Petrolia Fire Department’s former treasurer, Jim Barnes (“Voted out,” Feb. 26).
I feel sure the members who voted Jim out of his postion are not as old as the number years he served. Young guys come in and think they know everything.
I experienced a similar situation with the Sugarcreek Volunteer Fire Company.
I have been a member since 1970, served as president and secretary and I’m now a lifetime member.
The problem all started when the firehall wanted public water so it would qualify as a Red Cross disaster center. It came to my knowledge that this water line would be running up from East Brady to the firehall by way of Kittanning Hollow Road. Since I live on this road, I took it upon myself to draw up a petition to see if the majority of my neighbors wanted this public water.
Surprisingly, none of my neighbors even knew about the fire company trying to push this through. I told them there was a meeting advertised in the Kittanning paper but not a soul had read about it or seen the ad.
After I went door to door, the majority signed my petition stating they did not want public water and a good many said they would come to the meeting. Needless to say, the fire company did not get its public water — and of course I’m getting the boot. So I too have been told to turn in my resignation.
The fire company, with the persuasion of a select few, decided to try and have me removed from the fire company. I have received a multitude of registered letters.
So I say to Jim, call the American Civil Liberties Union, I did. They will put “the kids” in their place.
This isn’t the first time a discriminatory act has happened at Sugarcreek Fire Company.

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