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Rep. Kelly officially says he’s running again

February 19, 2014 News Extra

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U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, R-3rd, is running for a third term in Congress.

“I am motivated and energized to run for another term because I believe I have played — and can continue to play — a major role in fixing what is wrong in Washington,” Kelly of Butler said in a statement this morning.

He will run for the Republican nomination in the May 20 primary.

He said he will continue to advance an economic agenda that will increase jobs through a fairer tax system and promote local energy resources.

After experiencing the “wayward” policies of Washington first hand at his business, Mike Kelly Automotive in Penn Township, Kelly was motivated to change the course of Congress by running for office.

“I have been an ardent supporter of legislation that encourages — not stifles — economic growth, curtails the intrusiveness of abusive federal agencies, and reduces our record-high national debt,” Kelly said.

In his announcement, Kelly also voiced his support for a fairer and simpler tax code, which he said will shrink the influence of special interests and provide a spark for economic recovery.

“Common sense tax reform will create new jobs, grow businesses large and small, expand trade opportunities, and increase paychecks for American workers,” Kelly said.

He said it is important to embrace an “all of the above” energy strategy, saying energy independence should be a top priority.

“Energy independence means more family-sustaining jobs, improved national security, and a cleaner environment. With the development of natural gas, renewables, and clean coal, the towns and workers of Northwestern Pennsylvania can be at the heart of this revolution,” Kelly said.

Kelly is the only Republican running.

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