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War on words


February 3, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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As it struggles against the global war on terror, wars of a different sort add to America’s woes.

The 50 years of the war on poverty was recently acknowledged by President Obama as a tragic failure in today’s America. Thirty years ago, Nancy Reagan implored Americans to “just say no” in the war on drugs.

The middle-class is at risk today, as the war on income inequality is taking center stage.

Still, we are confronted with yet another troubling skirmish in the war of words taking place in the nation’s capital. While a Republican-controlled Congress stalls common-sense legislation, America’s needs are ignored. To make matters worse, right-wing media deceivers echo the disingenuous rhetoric in Congress, contrived to destroy a presidency.

Conservative letters to The Butler Eagle reveal no shame in disparaging political opponents. The overall infuriating language relies more on fiction than fact. One can best describe this entire Republican sham as a failure of integrity.


Nov. 7 — “There was no high unemployment during Bush’s presidency.”

Fact: In 2008, Bush’s last year in office, 2.9 million American jobs were lost, according to CNN.

Dec. 15 — “Because of regulations and burdening taxes the trickle-down effect is almost defunct today.”

Fact: According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, income for the top one percent grew by 275 percent from 1979 to 2007. Middle income grew by 40 percent. In 2012, the income of the wealthiest one percent rose nearly 20 percent. The remaining 99 percent’s income rose 1 percent in comparison. A 2013 study indicates the United States’ income inequality is rated the worst among 22 countries, after taxes. Many American corporations avoid paying taxes. Corporate greed prevented trickle-down.

Jan. 10 — “I’m sure The New York Times subsequent media pieces will address and try to bury Hillary Clinton’s many foibles, such as Whitewater, in her run for president.”

Fact: After eight years and tens of millions spent on investigation, the Office of Independent Counsel found no evidence of any criminal activity on the part of Bill or Hillary Clinton concerning Whitewater.

These flawed assertions are typical of conservative-leaning letters to the Eagle. It’s time they recognize that Republican members of congress have walked off the job. Still, these undeserving legislators’ checks are in the mail, while denying 1.3 million jobless Americans theirs.

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