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City official urges residents to call ‘pothole hotline’

January 25, 2014 News Extra

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The extreme cold has taken a toll on city streets.

City Councilman Richard Schontz Jr., who oversees the streets department, said the freezing cold has led to a recent increase in potholes.

“It’s minus-31 degrees with a wind chill one day, then three days later it’s 50 degrees,” he said. “The deep freezing and thawing is very hard on streets.”

Schontz said streets department workers have been busy repairing potholes when not tending to snowy or icy roads.

But it is hard for them to be aware of all potholes in the city.

“We have over 50 miles of streets,” he said. “The department’s five employees can’t monitor it by themselves.”

Schontz said the department hopes residents will call and let city officials know about potholes in the city.

Schontz nicknamed the department’s phone number the “Pothole Hotline.”

“You’ll most likely get the answering machine because the guys will be out working, but leave a message,” he said. “(The streets foreman) will listen to the messages and list all potholes in a tablet so they can take care of them.”

The number for the streets department is 724-285-8440.

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