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Reinstate tariffs


January 10, 2014 Letters to the Editor

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The recent decision by our federal legislators to go home for Christmas vacation, and not vote to extend unemployment benefits for millions of Americans, is an atrocity.

For the Republicans to say extending the benefits would be an injustice to the people laid off is a joke. The very same people they are talking about have paid into the unemployment compensation fund while they were working.

Let’s place the blame where it belongs: on our own government — the ones who not only allow companies to move overseas, but give them huge tax breaks to do so, which in turn causes American employees to be laid off.

We are also smart enough to know we are the largest consumer of the world’s goods. With that in mind, how hard would it be for our government to fix the problem? It really isn’t rocket science.

All they have to do is eliminate the tax breaks for companies that move to other countries, Mexico and Canada included. Then for the companies that still choose to do so they can impose a tariff on all things brought back across our borders to be sold here — let’s say a 30 percent tariff — then put that money to work for us to get our taxpaying Americans back to work. That would cure our unemployment problems and help put our country back on track.

Instead of trying to do that, our politicians criticize the working-class people who make America great.

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