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BC3 a county asset


December 31, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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We are blessed with a successful and visionary Butler County Community College — a key, dynamic, multi-pronged institution that has evolved beyond its educational mission.

There is no other institution in Butler County that provides:

• An improved quality of life.

• Workforce development for more than 50 organizations.

• An affordable and accessible education.

• Economic development and reinvestment into our county.

• First responder training for fire, police, emergency service officials and prison officials, and county government professional development programs.

And all the while, BC3 provides a 12 percent rate of return on the county’s investment.

Pennsylvania’s 14 community colleges serve students from all of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. The state’s original model for community colleges proposed 28 colleges to be established within easy access to all residents. Over the years for various reasons, community colleges did not expand beyond the 14 existing.

Counties without a campus have the option to join with an existing community college and form arrangements to offer services. This arrangement is more economically feasible for all involved, including the state and its taxpayers.

BC3 serves Mercer, Lawrence, Jefferson and Clearfield counties. All 14 community colleges offer online education options that reach students in each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

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