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Democratic motivation


December 28, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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The Democrats want to keep Sunnyview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and the Republicans want to sell it.

The Democrats reason that it’s a long-standing tradition. They fear for the jobs of Sunnyview’s SEIU-union employees and the patients living there.

The Republicans want to privatize it because it’s losing money and costing the county taxpayers close to $1 million a year to keep it open. Makes sense to me.

If the sale goes through, chances are very good no one will lose their job. The patients will still have a roof over their heads; the care will be the same that they get now; and the SEIU eventually might not have any union dues to collect, which will give those employees a raise, and less money for the SEIU to donate to the Democratic Party.

Sounds to me as if the Republicans have a win-win proposition.

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