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Gift package gone


December 20, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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With the Christmas season well under way and the Post Office doing its best to keep up, one still has to wonder about some on the decisions our mail carriers make.

Everyone should know more mail is stolen now than at any other time of year. Obviously, some people fail to grasp the spirit of giving; they look for opportunities to supply their Christmas presents at the expense of others.

One would think the mail carrier, neighbors and others would be more aware and try to deter theft.

My situation may be unique to me and some others I am sure, yet not to the point that with a little forethought theft cannot be slowed or done away with. My mailbox is a short distance from my home but not visible from my house, which creates an unusual circumstance. Over the years, we have been very cautious and watchful of our mail deliveries, along with the helpful, watchful eye of neighbors.

After more than 20 years of service to this address, I have to wonder why new problems have come about. The latest one is unacceptable, at least in my mind.

I ordered a coat for my wife in November, it took three weeks for the package to arrive. The package came on a recent Saturday amid snowfall and then rain — water and slop were everywhere. In the past, the mail carrier always came to our door with packages too big for the mailbox, or at least left a notice in the box so we could retrieve the package from the Post Office.

However, this time the mail carrier put the package on the ground in the snow and water on the street. I did not even know the package had been delivered; after wondering why it was taking so long, I called the company and was told it had been delivered.

Upon further investigation we found out what happened. After waiting more than three weeks, I discovered the package is gone — either stolen or hit with a snowplow and destroyed.

This all happened because of the inconsiderate actions of our mail carrier. Still the Post Office refuses to move my box — so the problem will continue.

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