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Thrashing capitalism


December 14, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Regarding Pope Francis’ recent message about social justice.

Although Francis didn’t use the word capitalism, he expounded on all the dubious motives of the wealthy, especially their lack of concern for the poor. I don’t detect that he wants to end capitalism as much as wants to end the ever-increasing gap between the poor and the rich. It is a fact that the gap is increasing, despite the explosive success of the wealthy.

Because of regulations and burdening taxes, the trickle-down effect is almost defunct. However, the trickle-up effect is in full blown mode and is much easier to maintain, especially when the free stuff is so addicting.

This is the rub. The pope must be more definitive about how he would address the increasing gap between rich and poor. He is a compassionate, loving, humble man of God, but what he is not is someone with economic expertise, like Steve Forbes or George Soros.

Maybe the combined traits of theology and business savvy are not compatible and this could explain the financial foibles of the Catholic Church. Supply and demand curves are not discussed at Mass.

The damage being done is that the radical left is using Pope Francis’ talking points to fuel their failing social-justice agenda. Like sharks swarming around a bleeding victim, the left is seizing the moment to devour their opponents.

Our economic health is in dangerous waters and I hope the pope will address how the left is exploiting his statements about the evils of poverty.

Historically, the Catholic Church has been a crusader against the growing tyranny of a controlling government. But it is important to point out that, at times, the Church has difficulty distinguishing between the horse and the cart. Tyranny cares not who pulls the cart.

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