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Trespass isn’t sport

I’m writing in response to numerous recent incidents of unethical hunting and illegal trespass.
The incidents occurred most recently the weekend of Dec. 7-8 in the area of Copper’s Hunting Club in Sugarcreek Township, Armstrong County.
Copper’s Hunting Club is a hunting lease that is clearly posted no trespassing. Numerous adjacent properties are also posted. Yet I can watch the same vehicle a half dozen times or more drive past this posted property and neighboring posted property in an attempt to kill a deer.
What right or by what ethic do such “slob hunters” have to kill deer on posted property they don’t own or control or pay taxes on?
Apparently a no-trespassing sign Pennsylvania is an invitation to trespass and kill game.
Recently I had a conversation with a board member of the Quality Deer Management Association. I griped that I don’t understand the goal and image of QDMA — why would I want to help cultivate a superior deer herd and trophy bucks in Pennsylvania when a no-trespassing sign is an invitation to interlope and kill without restraint.
This QDMA member told me to contact my state representative to propose stronger laws for trespassing and the killing of wildlife. But why have stronger or stiffer laws when no one abides by the existing laws.
Here’s what I would like to propose instead of strong or stiffer laws: Let’s have a state that resembles Colorado, where you don’t cross property lines for the fear of being shot.
In a recent trip to Colorado, I noticed there were few, if any, no-trespassing signs. It is a known rule that you don’t cross that fence or line for fear of losing your life.
How many times would it take for a trespasser to have second thoughts if they learned the landowner or designee is armed and has at least one kill to their name? That might deter the next person from trespassing.

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Brad Jordan
East Brady
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