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Poor business model


November 30, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Flourishing companies get that way by developing lucrative business plans and business models.

This begins with a perception of a market need for a product or service. Work begins to study that market to determine if it's real? If it's real and can be developed, the product or service is developed.

The company then develops a cost for the product or service, including profit. Now the product or service is ready for market.

After the product is launched, the company monitors sales, looks for problems, corrects quality issues or even recalls products. Finally the company watches for when the product reaches the end of its market life and decides if it will offer a replacement.

Sadly, our politicians believe big government is equal to big business in every sense — but if that is the case, then why did my Democrats pass Obamacare? Does our government do the same amount of due diligence in the bills it passes?

I concede company motivation is profits and dividends for its stock holders, retirees and pension funds. Government's role, on the other hand, is to do what is best for the citizens. Remember “all men are created equal,” except in government. In government, they pass laws like Obamacare, which exempts them, unions and government employees and other political friends and we get to pay the bill. The laws they pass do not follow a good business model and long term are bad for our country and citizens.

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