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Needless intrusion


November 12, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Regarding “Fire inspections in works,” (Oct. 23, Page 1).

Skimming through the article, I soon came upon the inevitable: a fee will be assessed on each eligible property for the annual inspections.

“We need to do it,” says Fire Chief Nick Ban, “in the best interests of the city.”

No, Chief. If the best interests of the city are to be served, it needs to address the bullets flying around in the middle of the day, the drug dealers and the people who make it worthwhile for them to ply their wares in our once-great city.

How about a fee on these “citizens?” No, wait, they don’t have any money. This “inspection” is nothing more than another tax on the law-abiding citizens who struggle to make a living and contribute their blood, sweat and tears to what once was the American dream.

We need two more policemen than firefighters in this city.

I also saw, after reading the article again, the most despicable part: The inspectors will be going into individual dwellings to make sure that the “code” is met. If not, are they rounded up and taken to the internment camps?

This should make every resident rise up and tell our nanny state leaders in city council, No.

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