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Tea party principles

October 30, 2013 Letters to the Editor

In the recent federal government shutdown, much of the blame was placed on the tea party and the congressmen and women who support its standards. Perhaps it’s time to review these standards and what the tea party stands for.

The term tea stands for taxed enough already — much like the original Boston Tea Party revolt against overbearing British government controls and ever-increasing taxes.

The tea party is a culmination of the Constitutional Party and other groups with the foresight to see what was happening to America under an ever-expanding, overspending and all-powerful federal government. In contrast, the tea party believes in limited government, low taxes, individual freedoms and responsibilities — and the Constitution. Their opponents obviously believe in other things, primarily larger government, more waste and a population of serfs beholding to the government for their daily bread. We’ve seen the end result of this in such nations as the former Soviet Union.

It’s up to the individual as to which view he believes in; some have made their choice obvious and have attacked the tea party through lies, misrepresentation, and distortion of the truth.

There is something called the big lie theory. The way it works is that you tell a lie often enough and long enough and it becomes the truth. We have, in recent years, seen this played out via political correctness and it is a major tool for would-be tyrants.

I encourage every free thinking American to research the tea party. The time is coming for a viable third party to counter the Democrats and the in-name-only Republicans who are destroying this nation.

God, freedom, liberty, limited government control, and the Constitution can turn America back into the great and moral nation we once were.

May God bless America and give our politicians and citizens the wisdom to reverse the current course that is leading to our demise.