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Kelly not one of us


October 16, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Question: Why is U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly of Butler voting with the radical tea party who, along with him, caused the shutdown of the federal government and who embrace the ultimate craziness — default on the federal debt later this month?

It’s bad enough that they precipitated an artificial crisis that has put people out of work and made it hard for a lot of people — people who need their paychecks to pay their bills and buy food.

And for what? Because they don’t like the president. Plus they don’t think people should have health insurance.

Kelly doesn’t care about the working people or people who need help to get by. Why should he care? He’s a millionaire and gets his health insurance through the government.

It is no surprise that when he became Butler’s congressman that he would vote for everything his party asked him to. His voting record proves that.

Kelly is going along with the crazy radical tea party in a leap off the cliff because he is one of them. When he ran for office, he had a rally with the tea party people.

The people of Butler County deserve better. Congressman Kelly is not one of us.

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