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Kelly misleads


October 4, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Having read several articles in the Butler Eagle about U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly left me puzzled and confused regarding the Affordable Health Care Act and the construction of a new health care facility for our veterans.

Last year, I attended a meeting at the Butler VA Medical Center in regards to the construction of a new building and health care for our veterans. I asked Kelly several questions about the Affordable Care Act and how this would affect veterans both male and female.

Kelly dodged both questions. He was vague and danced around the issues. Kelly went on a rant about the Constitution and our freedom.

As a veteran, nothing in the health care law changes my VA benefits. Veterans can continue to use the VA for all of their health care needs or complement their VA care with private health insurance or coverage by other federal health care programs — Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE.

The majority of Americans who have health insurance will not be affected. Kelly is using scare tactics because he along with his Republican colleagues don’t have a viable health care plan. Health care to Kelly and his Republican colleagues is a dirty word.

Kelly also said if he were grading our president, he would give President Obama a failing grade.

The Auto Industry is thriving due to the actions of our president. Since Kelly and his family have a GM dealership that continues to grow and expand, he should give Obama kudos.

Kelly deserves the failing grade. He is a member of the do-nothing dysfunctional Congress with an overall approval rating of around 10 percent. People of Butler deserve better.

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