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Benefits plundered


October 1, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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I understand our politicians want to withhold our Social Security and Veterans Wartime Disability compensation payments for November.

They should pay attention to the Social Security Protection Act of 2004. I just obtained a copy and am going to read it to see if our politicians are forbidden from stealing from it again. They always want to cut the poor and veterans’ rightful compensation, but they always to find enough money each year for their cost of living adjustments plus a pay increase, no problems.

Why is this?

Does anybody remember the late Sen. Arlen Specter had an employee take some funds from his pension plan and had to serve time in prison?

The Wallstreet Daily published an article recently about how some politicians had used loaded dice for more than 20 years with insider trading and increased their wealth, and just last year they passed the Stock Act, to prevent any more insider trading activity.

Wallstreet Daily also reports that President Barack Obama’s net worth had increased by $10.5 million — where is this coming from? How much was declared to be available for his campaign fund?

I remind politicians that Social Security is funded by the private sector. Social Security was formed by the working class, a portion of their paycheck was deducted and matched by their employers. Our government ran out of funds four times and stole from the Social Security fund — I say stole is because it was never paid back to Social Security.

Why don’t we tap into the separate congressional pension fund, matching dollar for dollar what they’ve taken from Social Security?

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