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Margaret Ellen Zimmel Maihle

September 30, 2013 In Memoriams

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In memoriam

In loving memory of our beloved Margaret Ellen Zimmel Maihle

August 20, 1933 – September 30, 2011

Love Travels . . .

Life takes us to unexpected places, Love brings us home.

What I’ve missed the most these past two years

Our weekly conversations, the unconditional Love.

Your arms around me, The kiss on the cheek.

The quiet times together, the laughter and the tears.

Your wisdom and know-ledge, stories of the past.

Your words of encouragement, understanding and Love.

You are with me still Mom. Every day. A Mother’s Love never goes away!

For now, a hug and kiss I send to you and will forever be missing you and loving you.

I’ll call you next week from Slippery Rock!

Till we meet again

I Love You Mom!

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