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Divine rain revisited


September 27, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Despite living in the same small community as Mr. Schoettker I have never had the opportunity to meet him. He and I are on opposite sides of the political arena, but I have respect for him and his right to his opinions, and his courage to write about and support them in letters to the editor. He is doing what all Americans should do — keeping a watch on government.

In his Sept.25 letter entitled “Divine Interdiction,” he implies the Lord punished Butler County because of the policies of our federal and state representatives. The Lord made it rain on the day of the Butler Fall Festival forcing its cancellation!

If we are to accuse the Lord for this adverse weather, then maybe He was angered by those in the area who supported and continue to support our “abortionist in chief,” President Barack Obama.

C’mon Len!


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