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A happy ending


July 29, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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There are two sides to every story. Everyone heard Equine Angels Rescue’s side, with all the badmouthing of my family on Facebook, making us look like bad people. We put up with it because we knew the truth: We love and care for our animals. Now it’s time for our side of the story.

On Feb. 8, authorities including a humane officer, Equine Angels Rescue (EAR), and a veterinarian came with a search warrant wanting to look at our horses and miniature horses. My sister explained that the horses were only recently purchased and their appearance had nothing to do with us neglecting our animals. They were gaining weight.

When proof was offered, they would not listen. They said we were neglecting our animals and took them. The six minis they took were in great condition and were taken to EAR for the veterinarian to check them over, we were told.

We waited patiently for our court date. Someone finally realized we did not neglect our horses and minis. On June 28, we were given permission to bring all of our animals home. We arrived at EAR and found that two of our minis had been sold and they only had our two horses and five minis, one of which was a newborn.

EAR also had gelded our mini stallion without our permission or knowledge. How is this possible?

These animals were unjustly taken. I called the owner of EAR asking how she could sell our property without our consent and she said, “I received paperwork saying they were released to me.” There was no paperwork. The owner of Equine Angels Rescue also said, “Enjoy your reunion with the animals, it will be short lived.”

When the horses and minis arrived back home, they were all happy to be where they belong, reunited with my parents, my sister and brother, grandchildren and great grandchildren. The happy ending we were all waiting patiently to arrive had finally come.

The question of the day: Why are these rescues happening this way?

By the way, the mini that was born while at Equine Angels Rescue has been named Justice.

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