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July 4 contrasts


July 10, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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In the past few days on TV there have been views of throngs of people in Cairo protesting or supporting President Muhammed Morsi. Morsi was elected in a democratic election, but now he is in disfavor. Egyptian banners were waving all over the place.

In contrast, I watched the Capitol Fourth Celebration in Washington, D.C. The musicians and singers were fantastic. People were waving American flags and dancing on the grounds and everyone seemed happy and in a festive mood compared to the Egyptian crowd.

Most of the people on the Capitol grounds were young people enjoying the celebration, and they are our future.

We should appreciate the difference between Egypt and the United States. We may have a difference of opinions — Democrats vs. Republicans — but if we all pull together and appreciate what we have as individuals, we will enjoy the happy life as exhibited at the Capitol Fourth Celebration.

Let us look out for each other and address our neighbors’ problems. That is what Americans do.

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