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Bikes on sidewalks


June 22, 2013 Letters to the Editor

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What good are the signs that say no bikes, skateboards or skates allowed on the sidewalks? Nobody obeys them.

A walk across the Wayne Street Bridge often turns into an interesting adventure. I use a cane and a lot of the elderly use wheelchairs or motorized scooters on that bridge. There’s a sign at the end that says pedestrians only. Bicyclists must not know how to read. Or at least very few do. It doesn’t matter if it’s a young person or someone older. Both of them do it.

A couple of days, ago a bicyclist came up behind my boyfriend and me as we were walking across and told us he was coming through. We didn’t move. I would have had to go out onto the street to let him through. So he had to either stop or wait to go around us.

Another time my boyfriend was crossing and a woman actually hit his arm with her bicycle as she tried to go around him. He came home with a bruise on it. And now there are a couple of guys riding small motorcycles on the sidewalk. Not on the bridge where it’s supposed to be ridden, but actually on the sidewalk itself. You also have to dodge bicycles on Main Street.

What are we supposed to do, walk in the street with the cars? Actually, that may be safer.

Maybe police should start walking the streets again and just start writing tickets. Then people would think twice. It would hit them where it hurts: in their wallets.

It seems that if you have a disability in this city, you’re out of luck.

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