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Dan Farren

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Dan Farren

Dan Farren, May 17, 1980 - July 20, 2007

Our much loved and
greatly missed son, brother, and friend.
Birthdays are a time of celebration, and we have much to celebrate. We shared twenty-seven years with you. Years of joy, pride, discovery, hope, dreams, plans, and pleasure. You delighted us in so many ways. It was a joy to see you grow and become such a caring, inquisitive, sensitive and exciting person.
Our pride in your accomplishments is renewed and expanded as we continue to see how your life still influences others in a positive way.
You were always discovering new and exciting adventures which in turn enhanced our lives just by listening and watching.
Our dreams for you were always growing as you continued to surpass our expectations. The hopes and dreams we had and the plans we wanted to see develop were cut short. But we can never look at your achievements without being in awe of all you accomplished.
You continue to be a source of joy, pride, discovery, hope, and pleasure and you will always be.
Happy Birthday!

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Love and miss
you very much,
Dad, Mom,
Vance and Buddy





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